Mountain Bike Brakes Types

Mountain Bike Brakes Types. This type of brakes is attached to the rear wheel hub of the bike. In general, mountain bike frames are set up to handle either a disc or rim-style brake so be sure to determine which mounts you have before choosing an upgrade.

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Linear Pull Brakes; Caliper Brakes; Disc Brakes; ADJUSTING LINEAR PULL BRAKES. The frame and fork must have brazed-on fittings for the bolts to hold on to. This type of brakes is attached to the rear wheel hub of the bike.

Some of the top professional racers in the world, including some members of the famed Santa Cruz Syndicate downhill mountain bike team, often run mixed brake pad set-ups.

The two main types of mountain bike brake you need to choose between are disc brakes (hydraulic or cable), or traditional V-brakes.

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It refers to both the levers at the bars and the braking mechanism that stops the wheel from turning. Mountain Bike Suspension Types Cantilever brakes have two totally separate arms with each arm attaching onto each side of the fork and onto each side of the seat stays. There are a number of different designs, including U-brakes (as found on most park, street and dirt bikes, these are a cross between a centre-pull cantilever brake and a caliper brake) , cantilever brakes (as used on CX bikes) and caliper brakes (as used on road bikes).

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