Mountain Bike Vs Road Bike

Mountain Bike Vs Road Bike. The road bike vs mountain bike question has no easy answers, which is why we recommend seriously considering your needs and buying the bike you like first. The most immediate difference between road bike vs mountain bike are the wheels.

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QUESTION: I started cycling six years ago on a mountain bike but now love road riding. Road bikes are great commuter bikes that can go pretty quickly and cover a lot of ground. Decide What Type of Terrain You'll Be Riding.

Mountain bikes were designed for the wild trails.

However if you put the mountain bike on the same Touraine (i.e., a smooth paved trail) the difference in speeds between MTB and road bike should be closer.

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Everything about a mountain bike is heavier than a road bike. MTBs have wide wheels and wide thick and knobby tires. Any comparison between a road bike and a mountain bike has to keep in mind that road bikes are meant for speeds and style, whereas mountain bikes are meant for stability, balance, and sturdiness.

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