Mountain Bike With Drop Bars

Mountain Bike With Drop Bars. In the hoods or drops you can tuck your elbows in and reduce your body's frontal area. I grew up riding mountain bikes and BMX bikes.

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Not to be confused with gravel grinders or "all-road" bikes, these are bikes that are capable of running full width mountain bike tires, and in some cases, even plus tires. There's an aero advantage to fitting drop bars to your bike. The Falconer Cycles drop bar mountain bike, as with most demo bikes at the Paul Camp, was fully dressed with domestically-built componentry, including plenty of Paul Component Engineering bits in blue (this year's special anodized color).

Over the years, I have owned many flat bar bikes.

I grew up riding mountain bikes and BMX bikes.

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The dirt drops also gave my bike an unconventional look, that helped it stand out in a sea of bikes in BC. They are light, do a great job at mitigating bumps and vibration, and in turn make it easier to pilot a rigid drop bar bike over harsh terrain. The bars were a hoot to use.

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