Mountain Bike Size Chart For Height

Mountain Bike Size Chart For Height. Many bike manufacturers include size charts that list a height range for each bike size. (If you're in-between sizes, it's best to err on the smaller side as more sizing accommodations can be made with a smaller frame than with one that's too large.) Mountain bikes are generally measured in frame size (inches), which is the distance from the center of the crank to the top of the frame at the seat tube. We're here to help you with your bike sizing and cycling apparel sizing needs.

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The smaller the seat tube, the smaller the bike. Advanced Bike Sizing It's important to get the right size bike, if the size is right the bike will be faster, more comfortable, and easier to handle. Our bike sizing guide is meant to give some general direction as to the best size to fit you based on your height.

They are all sized the same – using a riders height and leg length to determine frame size.

BIKE SIZING Getting the proper size bike is key to comfort, performance, and safety.

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Many mountain bikes are measured in inches. Size Guide Road – Podium Vitesse The most basic measurement is your height. A kid's bike is also reasonably flexible in size.

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