Mountain Bike Wheel Calculator

Mountain Bike Wheel Calculator. This allows our program to make recomendations such as rims, hubs, spokes and nipples. Fortunately, our mountain bike size calculator takes away the guesswork as it suggests mountain bike frame size in either inches or.

Mavic Crossride 27.5 Wheelset | Competitive Cyclist
Mavic Crossride 27.5 Wheelset | Competitive Cyclist (Albert Carr)

So, make sure you look at a tire size chart and try a full-suspension mountain bike for size before buying. Our Custom wheel program takes into account your bicycle type, body weight and intended use. While the maximum pressure rating is a hedge against rim strength, the minimum recommended pressure.

It's also worth noting that the size of the wheels can play a role, particularly in Mountain Bikes.

This will produce accurate spoke lengths for the second side.

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Dedicated to the craft of building bicycle wheels. For a description of each spoke type and their common applications, please visit our Spoke Selection page. To calculate spoke lengths for the second side of the wheel, re-enter data fields for: Hub Flange Diameter, Hub Center to Flange Center, and Cross Pattern.


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