City Bike App

City Bike App. Two ways to ride Get around NYC even easier. Search station locations and addresses, to find the nearest bike or dock.

City Bike Roof Stunts Drive – Apps on Google Play (Cole Ramirez)

There are certainly more fantastic apps, but these give new and experienced riders a start when looking for that perfect mobile companion. Lyft is the operator of the Citi Bike program in New York City and Jersey City. Place the U-lock in the holster before you take off.

Log into your Citi Bike account to manage your profile, update your billing info, see billing statements, get your ride stats, save favorite stations, and more.

Where can I ride a Citi Bike?

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It was designed for quick trips with convenience in mind, and it's a fun and affordable way to get around town. What are the requirements to ride a Citi Bike using the Lyft platform? How do I unlock a Citi Bike?.

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