Mountain Bike Chain Slipping

Mountain Bike Chain Slipping. Using a chain tool, slip each of its ends through the links of your chain and check your chain against its wear indicators. A bike chain is a collection of links with pins, plates, and rollers that connects your front and back gears, allowing you to pedal.

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It is easy to tell that your gears are slipping right from the way the bike is handling. They essentially work like bolts that the cable housing sits against, allowing effective length adjustment of the cable housing.. If your chain has started to come off frequently when it didn't in the past, something in your bike setup has changed.

Skipping is dangerous and you should replace the cassette immediately.

A common question that I see arise from new riders is: why does the chain keep slipping or skipping gears?

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This skipping is caused by the new chain slipping on worn cogs. In some cases, a dropped chain is a one-off occurrence, but if it continues to happen then there's likely a good reason for it. Over several days I attempted to fine tune it by adjusting cable tension.

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