Mountain Bike Chain Falls Off When Pedaling Backwards

Mountain Bike Chain Falls Off When Pedaling Backwards. How to fix a slipping skipping chain bike during pedaling. The chain on my girlfriend's bike came off the front gear today, it looks like the back gear changing mechanism isn't handling back-pedaling properly, whenever she pedals backwards the chain slacks rather than feeding through.

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I finally fixed it by using a wet lube which seems to make it quieter and better running. Well I've been on a few bike rides this week and sometimes if I pedal backwards for some reason the chain will sometimes come off. If you make incremental adjustments and hand pedal the drivetrain gently and slowly to check the alignment you can catch the chain before it falls off the cogs again, and adjust further as needed.

There is more of a chance for chain slippage, or for it to get stuck.

One person said it happens normally, but one other person said I should replace the chain every once in a while. (although some experts looked at the bike and said it looks fine) Thankfully there is a hook to catch the chain.

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The problem it when i'm pushing the bike backwards the chain comes off, and when i'm riding i pedal then go up to a jump or drop pedal backwards half a turn to get centered and it comes off!!!! After putting the chain back on I pedaled in reverse on a stand and found that the pulley was sticking and pulling forward toward the front of the bike, thus making the chain longer than necessary. Chains slip off for a variety of reasons, such as improper adjustments and crashes, but they are easy to fix.

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