Mountain Bike Chain Keeps Slipping

Mountain Bike Chain Keeps Slipping. Look over the chain for excess wear or bent links. Using a chain tool, slip each of its ends through the links of your chain and check your chain against its wear indicators.

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In the first few rides on a new bicycle, the cables stretch the most. NOTE: If it was working just fine before, you may have a worn out cassette on your bike! For more help from our Mechanic co-author, like how to avoid common problems that will slip your bike chain, read on.

According to the Mountain Bike Buzz website, worn links might be at fault if your chain continues to slip after being cleaned.

I was experiencing some major slipping on my Giant Iguana that I use to ride to school, I had my chain and cassette changed and adjusted at REI I feel like they did a poor job.

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A bent gauge will quickly shift the cable towards the side it is bent. To tighten a loose chain on a hub- or fixed-gear bike, first use a wrench to loosen the axle nuts on the rear wheel. When it did not solve the problem, my next assumption was stretched chain although a qu.

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