Detail of Dahon Bike Carrier Bag

Dahon Bike Carrier Bag. The bag can be securely fastened with hooks and tensioning straps. DAHON selects and rigorously tests a variety of accessories for folding bikes.

Carrying Luggage on a Folding Bike (Brompton, Tern, Dahon ...
Carrying Luggage on a Folding Bike (Brompton, Tern, Dahon … (Lottie Medina)

On the underside protected from damage, we've tucked a light bracket. Securely fastened to the bike's frame, the Front Luggage Rack does not affect steering and provides a low centre of gravity so you don't have to worry about losing control. The backpack folds together like a handbag making it easy to carry when empty.

Folding bikes call for a certain set of accessories, like lightweight bags to store and carry, custom racks to fit smaller frames, and more.

With this adapter, you can directly carry Brompton bags (or other compatible bags) without a Brompton carrier block.

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