10+ Dahon Bike Folded Size

Dahon Bike Folded Size. Small enough to fit under a train seat and big enough to fill your ambitions of freedom. Suitably stylish, the simple silhouette stands out on any street.

Dahon Folding Bikes
Dahon Folding Bikes (Ricardo Carroll)

Handlebar hinge: Pull up on the hinge and swing the handlebars down toward the front end of the folding bike. The Dahon Boardwalk is a fast-folding, urban utility bike with one speed–perfect for quick jaunts around town and commuting. Suitably stylish, the simple silhouette stands out on any street.

A folding bike from Dahon has several moving parts that allow users to fold specific components, reducing the overall size.

All Brompton bikes are made with the small wheels and we are seeing some good options from Dahon.

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Dahon Folding Bikes

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Boasting classic looks and high-quality construction at a reasonable price-point, the Boardwalk is one of the most popular in Dahon's line-up. With an adjustable stem and seat post, the Boardwalk can be customized to fit. Riding like a dream, with exquisite performance and an attractive price tag.


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