Mountain Bike Frame Size Chart

Mountain Bike Frame Size Chart. Review: Best Gravel Bikes To Buy. But modern mountain bike geometry is based on reach, not seat tube length.

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Alpha sizing is simpler and helps you find the right fit by the measurement that matters most. These sizes can be thought of as a sort of shorthand for decimal sizes, each with a corresponding ISO measurement. The bikes usually have sturdy frames, thick, knobby tires and suspension in the front to absorb bumps from rough terrain.

Whether you are interested in road or mountain biking, picking a bike with the correct frame size is very important.

We're here to help you with your bike sizing and cycling apparel sizing needs.

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You'll discover what frame size you need whether you're buying a road, mountain or BMX bike. While there is no real substitute for a professional bike fit, this calculator can get you very close in a matter of seconds. This chart will recommend a mountain bike frame size based on your leg length measurement.

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