Information About Dahon Folding Bike For Touring

Dahon Folding Bike For Touring. Small enough to fit under a train seat and big enough to fill your ambitions of freedom. Riding a Brompton folding bike through some ruins in Sri Lanka.

MEC Dahon Origami Folding Bike | tuckamoredew
MEC Dahon Origami Folding Bike | tuckamoredew (Minnie Olson)

What materials are Dahon folding bikes made from? However, keep in mind that smaller wheels are stiffer and need more suspension than larger wheeled bikes. Advertised as suitable for long distance touring, I was intrigued and not a little sceptical.

What materials are Dahon folding bikes made from?

This whole discussion seems to be off on picking apart the idea of using folding bikes to tour.

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Bike is great for commuting, multi-modal transport and perfect for touring (especially one way tours, where you return by bus or train and utilise the folding capability). More information… Bike Friday – Pocket Companion. Convenient, great riding comfort packed in an inexpensive bike.

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