Detail of Fuzion Pro Scooter Grips

Fuzion Pro Scooter Grips. Stop riding thin, skinny grips and get your hands on the Hex. The new grip from Fuzion is going to change your ride with its super-wide design and extra plush feel.

Fuzion PRO X-3 Stunt Scooter | eBay
Fuzion PRO X-3 Stunt Scooter | eBay (Fred Moss)

This Fuzion trick scooter is fitted with high-strength handlebars that include the brand's own composite pro grips for enhanced comfort and control. The wheels are grippy though they are smooth. These upgrades paired with the existing aluminum boxed shaped deck make for an amazing scooter that exceed expectations.

Currently, we are the largest pro-scooter retailer on the East Coast with a storefront in Brooklyn, NY where we enjoy to show-off the latest.

Stop riding thin, skinny grips and get your hands on the Hex.

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Since such a scooter needs to be both rugged and fast, the manufacturer added metalized ABS composite hub wheels in its construction, as these ensure an uncompromising performance. The Fuzion Z series is quite incredible, catering to everyone of all different ages. HEX GRIPS by Fuzion Pro Scooters.

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