10+ Pro Tec Scooter Helmets

Pro Tec Scooter Helmets. Stay safe with a top of. Pro-Tec has been an industry favorite for years.

Wear a Helmet when Riding Scooters - ProScooter
Wear a Helmet when Riding Scooters – ProScooter (Bernard Moore)

Its durability and impact resistant attributes result in a great mask. So, get yourself one of these quality helmets and keep that nogg The Pro-Tec Classic Helmet is another top-notch product recommended for both skating and scooter riding. Scooter helmets are multi-impact resistant, conventional bike helmets need to be changed after a serious impact; Scooter helmets are made in a shape to protect also the back of your head, conventional bike helmets don't.

Design, fit, comfort, protection, and durability are what it's known for.

These helmets are the best brand there is for pro scooter safety.

Pro-Tec Classic Bucky helmet | Empire BMX

Pro-Tec Street Lite Helmet – Gloss White | Skate Helmets …

Pro-Tec Full Cut Skate Helmet Matte Black – Lucky Scooters

Pro-Tec Street Lite Skate /BMX / Scooter Helmet – Gloss …


Pro-Tec Helmets | Scooter Knee & Elbow Pads | Lucky Scooters

Pro-Tec Classic Scooter – Skate – Bike Certified Helmet …

Protec Classic Skate Helmet Gloss Black Size Extra Large …

Protec Classic Skate Helmet Gloss Eggplant Size Medium …

The Cosmic Matter is a trip of a helmet—with a one-of-a-kind injection mold that means every single helmet will have a slightly different pattern. Scooter helmets are not only for amateurs and kids, a lot of the best riders in the world wear pro scooter helmets because they know that a concussion or worse will put them on a timeout for a long time. Bars, Decks, Wheels and Custom Pro Scooters sold here.


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