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Mountain Bike Handlebars. Material choice is primarily a budget consideration, with aluminum mountain bike handlebars typically costing less than their titanium or carbon cousins. You have a choice of three materials when it comes to handlebars.

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You have a choice of three materials when it comes to handlebars. Whilst this style of handlebar may well suit a trail rider's needs, they're not necessarily the best option for big backcountry rides and long distance bikepacking. Handlebars come in varying materials, widths, geometries, and clamp diameters with different levels of stiffness, compliance, and vibration absorption.

The goal is comfort, while having stability and leverage.

How to TEST your Handlebar width before.

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Most mountain bikes will be set up with the stem in a positive position, creating an upward angle, but you can use it the other way round. After […] The Evolution of Mountain Bike Handlebar Width. Carbon handlebars – are lighter and stiffer and thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, just as strong or stronger than alloy models.

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