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Foldable Bike Promotion Singapore. With a fast and small fold, our bikes are ideal for commuting, storage, and theft prevention. We do this not only to prove to you of our belief in our product but also to reassure you in buying and owning a VERT that it will give you many, many years happy cycling.

Promo! CF1 Carbon Folding Bike | Folding Bikes | Singapore ...
Promo! CF1 Carbon Folding Bike | Folding Bikes | Singapore … (Randall Harrison)

Bicycles are a cost-effective way to travel around Singapore especially when amenities are relatively close to each other. Using high performance materials and components, riding on a CAMP bicycle is an enjoyable experience. Order online today – free delivery.

A foldable bike can make it all happen very easily.

From lightweight singlespeeds and cruisers to bikes with electric-assist motors, there.

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The BYB isn't just a folding bikeā€”it's a whole new way to fold a bike. Attached with a bumper rear suspension for smoother ride. Transforming the way you travel, with quick folding technology and the ease to transport, to store your two wheelers easily in your car boot.


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