Mountain Bike Vs Road Bike Gear Ratio

Mountain Bike Vs Road Bike Gear Ratio. Table below: Shows table of all possible chainring/sprocket combinations with gear ratio. If you have ever bought a mountain bike in the past few years it'll likely have either SRAM or Shimano groupsets installed or a combination of different parts from both.

High Level Bike Trends for 2017 – The GearCaster
High Level Bike Trends for 2017 – The GearCaster (Aiden Roberts)

Min ratio: Ratio of the lowest gear of your setup. If you're using a Schlumpf Drive plus an internal-gear rear hub you should enter the actual number of teeth of the front chainring for the first chainring, and this number of teeth times the Schlumpf ratio for the second chainring. Even the wheel size of your bike will affect your gear set-up.

On a road bike you have two choices of chainset.

A smaller number is easier to accelerate and can still be pushed on steep climbs.

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Commuters or recreational and family cyclists may be more comfortable on a hybrid bike. Mountain biking vs road biking is a different experience, but the characteristics of mountain bikes and comfortable riding position make it an excellent choice for off-road riders and also translated to tarmac roads making them ideal and popular alternative for riders and commuters. Using a gear-inch chart is one way to compare gear ratios without riding the bike.


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