Mountain Bike Wheel Anatomy

Mountain Bike Wheel Anatomy. A mountain bike is the one thing you need before you go mountain biking. Before splurging on a new set of mountain bike wheels it's worth looking into the anatomy of the wheel and dissecting the various components that make the wheel spin, to gain an understanding of how things work.

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Mountain bike wheels contain what are known as clincher rims. Upgrading (or downgrading) these components can affect the ride quality, your effort output (speed) and braking performance so it's worth knowing a little about each, and how that relates to improved performance on the road. Inner tube: This is the thin rubber membrane that can be replaced on the inside of the tire.

The elements of a wheel for a bike are the same regardless of the type of bike.

Mountain bike wheels contain what are known as clincher rims.

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Bottom bracket – This attaches the crankset to the body of a bike. So you might have six pawls but only three are actually engaged at any one time. Dirt Labs is a Boulder, CO-based suspension tuning and service center with emphasis on keeping riders on their bikes with the optimal squish.

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