Information About Phoenix Pro Scooters Brakes

Phoenix Pro Scooters Brakes. MGP, Dominator and Grit all carry excellent entry level pro scooters. The Top Brands Envy, Madd Gear, Root Industries, Proto, Tilt.

Phoenix Pro Scooters | Kai Saunders - YouTube
Phoenix Pro Scooters | Kai Saunders – YouTube (Max Delgado)

Furthermore it has a vibration dampening washer for an ultra solid and quiet ride. This scooter is setting new calibers for freestyle scooters. Choose online from Madd Gear (MGP), Lucky, Phoenix, Sacrifice, District Free Style Scooters, and more.

Phoenix Sequel Pro Scooter is a good park and lean machine.

Our specialties, though, are mid- and high-end pro scooters.

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Phoenix Pro Scooters is a high end manufacturer based in Beaverton, Oregon. Since the development of pro scooters, we have progressed from the original spring brake design to the now standard “flex-brake” which is preferred by riders for its unmatched control and noise dampening abilities. Want to upgrade the look of your scooter?

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