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Dahon Vs Brompton. Size and Compactness When it comes to folding the the Brompton is smaller and lighter compared to the Dahon. The Dahon Jifo Uno is the lightest, smallest and cheapest folding bike in the comparison but I don't recommend the bike.

DAHON Curl i8 Folding Bike Review - The Brompton Killer?
DAHON Curl i8 Folding Bike Review – The Brompton Killer? (Craig Blair)

Let's all green the world together!”. Considering how different they are,the two bikes feel remarkably similar on the road. Again Dahon Bikes wins over Brompton Bikes in the Dahon vs Brompton challenge.

I get that the buy in price of the Dahon is half as much as a Brompton, but you could get a little-used Brompton for about htat price.

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Depending on your budget, you might also want to look at Brompton. @munrobiker Thanks for that, I agree with the value point, the Dahon is about half the price of an equivalent Brompton. Although the Brompton weighs in heavier than some of these dahon, tern bikes, but because it fold more compactly, might be easier and feel lighter to carry. Larger the bike, better the grip and comfort.

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