Mountain Bike Kids Seat

Mountain Bike Kids Seat. Plus my daughter absolutely loves getting out on the trails with me. We have tried four of these seats and can say a lot of fun can be had on this style of seat.

Mountain bike child seat front quick release folding bike … (Louis Crawford)

The seat just doesn't fit due to the lack of top tube space. For the rear child bike seat, it is attached to the bike via the seat post, rack, or the frame. Rear-mounted child bike seats are either affixed directly to the bike (via the frame or seatpost) OR they are attached to a rack.

We have tried pretty much everything else, and the Shotgun Seat is as close to perfect as it comes.

FITS ALL MOUNTAIN BIKES – The SHOTGUN Kids MTB seat is adjustable to fit flat or sloping top tubes.

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Overall, the Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat is phenomenal. The seat just doesn't fit due to the lack of top tube space. Comes with easy to follow fitting.

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